Holland Engineering provides professional structural engineering services to both the private and public sectors. We work with architects and contractors, as well as other consulting engineers, developers and homeowners.

The team members at Holland Engineering are great team players and communicators. We will work with you from initial conception, through schematic design and design development, to preparation of construction documents.

Further, we can be involved with the construction administration to ensure that projects are completed in accordance with the construction documents to meet your vision and expectations.

Our services include the following:

Building Information Modeling (BIM). This “service” is integral to every service we provide.

BIM benefits you because it gives us the ability to create a structure digitally during the design phase allowing for increased visualization and collaboration.

This ensures five things: (1) Greater coordination of the construction documents (2) enhanced visualization of project conditions (3) clearer communication among design team members (4) Decreased information requests (RFIs) and (5) the ability to connect the analysis model to the construction documents

Holland Engineering maintains the latest releases of Autodesk Revit for completion of BIM projects.

Structural Design. Typically includes six key phases of work, specifically: (1) determination of project requirements, (2) selection of construction materials, (3) development of structural arrangement or layout, (4) determination of code-prescribed loading requirements, (5) review of site conditions, and (6) analysis and design of structural framing members and foundations.

Construction Documents. These are the signed and sealed documents issued as a result of the structural design. As the name implies, the contractor uses these documents as an instruction manual for construction of the building.

Construction Administration. Known as CA, it’s the "checks and balance" element used during the construction phase of a project. Our CA work will contain three elements (1) consultation with the contractor and subcontractors to answer questions about the drawings or design intent, (2) review of shop drawings related to structural elements, and (3) visits to the job site at periodic intervals, where our engineers will observe the construction process to ensure the work is in compliance with the construction documents.

Structural Condition Assessments. Our engineers visit the job site to visually assess the condition of the structure. This assessment will include identification of the framing systems and collection of detailed pictures and measurements needed to (1) render a professional opinion regarding the existing condition or (2) conclude any necessary remedial actions where alternate uses of the facility have been proposed.

Engineered Retaining Walls. Likely the best solution for grade changes within your site. We specialize in the design of concrete, concrete masonry, and segmental retaining walls, such as Keystone® Retaining Wall Systems.

Renovation of Existing Construction and/or Remodels. Structural engineering services are useful not only for new construction, but for renovations of existing construction. Our engineers can analyze existing structural elements and design the renovation or expansion components to ensure efficient construction and structural integrity.

Light Gage Steel Framing or Cold-Formed Metal Framing. Complete design of light gage framing members and connections for interior and exterior wall studs, headers, jambs, sills, and joists, including preparation of shop drawings and structural calculations as required by project specifications.

Aluminum Design. Complete design of aluminum canopy framing members, including preparation of shop drawings and structural calculations as required by performance specifications.

A cross-section of one of our projects, Centene, created using Building Information Modeling

Roof girders rendered to check their connection layout for First Baptist Church's South Campus Youth Building