Providing the Strength in Structural
Design On Which Dreams are Built

Architectural Vision. As an architect, it’s your creativity that brings inspiration to the form, space and ambience of buildings. Your special gifts focus on the aesthetics of building design.

We will work with you to ensure that it is safe and build-worthy, making certain that your architectural vision is properly translated into quantifiable terms.

Our understanding of structural behavior is applied with a precise mathematical mindset. Whether your design is for worship, medical, education or residential purposes, we can engineer structural integrity.

So, let your architectural imagination soar. Whether your structure is formed or shaped by post and beam, rigid frame, flat-span, truss, arch, vault, dome, slab, panel, folded, box, vault, conic, or hyperboloid components ... we can engineer it.

In the end, our extensive, job-tested experience in structural engineering will provide the strength to make your visual dream an enduring reality.

General Contracting Precision. As a general contractor, you’re saddled with a budget and a timeline, responsible for providing material, labor, equipment and professional consulting services.

As structural engineers, we can help you calculate and explain exactly what material will be required. Also, our Building Information Modeling (BIM) system can provide you with detailed, printed manuals containing sequenced instructions for accurate assembly of structures or sub-components. This will help you stay on-time and on-budget.

Engineering Consultation. Trained to be team players and good communicators, we easily work with consulting engineers, developers and homeowners to solve structural problems encountered in new construction, remodels, add-ons and grade changes.

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John and Amy Holland, Pres. and VP of Holland Engineering

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